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2022 (– 2025) Community Shuttle Bus Procurement


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RFP on Translink page on Ariba:

Up to 80 high or low floor shuttles for 2022.


Option year 1 - Up to 27 high or low floor shuttles for 2023. (Likely 2018 arboc + G5 replacement)

Option  year  2  -  Up to 54 high or low floor shuttles for 2024. (Likely 2019 arboc + G5 replacement)

Option  year  3  -  Up to 9 high or low floor shuttles for 2025.

All options and base order can be mixed low and high floor.

More to come...

That said, I believe the remainder of 2021 shuttles (21501–) are still being produced at Dynamic in Langley

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