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Nassau Inter County Express (NICE)

A. Wong

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Submitted via email:


Your History page of the Nassau Inter County Express (NICE) page erroneously states the system was previously owned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).  This is incorrect.  In 1973 Nassau County purchased the assets and routes of the private transit bus operators in the county and signed a contract with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to have the bus system operated under an MTA subsidiary called the Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority (MSBA) that was created by an act of the New York State legislature.   Under this agreement Nassau County was responsible for operating subsidies and all capital expenditures.  In the late 1990s as part of an MTA wide effort for the rebranding of services the operations of the MSBA became known as Long Island Bus.  In 2010 as a result of decades long disputes over system finances and the quality of services, Nassau County decided to embark on an effort to pursue alternative operating arrangements for the system.  This effort led to the awarding of a contract to Veolia Transportation (now Transdev) to operate the system commencing on January 1 2012 under the NICE system brand.  Oversite of the contract with Transdev is performed by the Nassau County Bus Transit Committee, a 5 member board appointed by the county legislature and county executive.


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