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YRT/VIVA 2008 Van Hool AG300 fan trip - Sunday August 8, 2021


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A retirement charter for the YRT/VIVA 8200-series AG300 buses will be held on Sunday, August 8. The 8200s are the last Van Hool AG300s operating in Canada, and are slated for replacement later this year.

This fan trip will focus on southern York Region and northwestern Toronto. It will take place in the evening, with departure at 16:30 from Richmond Hill Centre and returning at around 20:00 at the same location.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the number of attendees will be strictly limited to 25.

Further info regarding the charter (including registration and payment details, as well as detailed COVID-19 protocols for this fan trip) can be found here: Charter Flyer

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