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Hey Everyone,

In August I plan on coming down for the Calgary GM Charter and decided to book my first vacation in 2 years and will be in the area for 1 week and half. My plans are to visit Edmonton, Red Deer, Banff and obviously Calgary. If time permits, I might make a quick trip down to Lethbridge.

Looking for some good photo locations in those cities, places where a can get the most bang for my buck in terms of photos. This is my first visit to Alberta. My preliminary plans are as follows;

Arrive Saturday Aug 21st in Calgary

Depart Sunday Aug 22nd to Edmonton, in the city until the 24th.

Arrive in Calgary on the 24th, it would be my base of stay for the remainder of my trip until the 31st. From Calgary I would drive out to Banff, Red Deer and maybe Lethbridge as well as fan Calgary.


Looking for good locations for buses, LRT and maybe some railfanning spots. Railfanning is defiantly in the plans for Banff, I have always wanted to get pictures of trains with the view of the Rockies in the background. I have a couple of places scoped out like the Rocky Mountaineer Train Station. I am also looking into maybe staying 2 days at a hotel in Banff, there a couple of hotels trackside that advertise their room as trackside or roadside, obviously catered to railfans. This would obviously change my plans to stay 7 days in Calgary, might look into this option for the days after the charter.

Thanks for any tips you can provide!

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Adding in this;

How easy is it to fan around Calgary using Transit. I normally rent a car for the days I am visiting, but the prices are outragious. The car rental would cost me more than my air-fare round trip and my 3 days stay in edmonton. Almost 900$ to rent a car for 8 days!

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Some decent fanning locations in Calgary where you can get a decent amount of variety:

24 Street & 85 Avenue SE - good spot with opportunities to photograph routes like the 43, 148, 149, 302 and depending on when you stay the SE expresses.

Mount Royal University (Richard RD SW or Mount Royal Gate SW) - also a good spot, with opportunities to photograph the 9, 13, 20, MAX Teal and MAX Yellow.

Richmond Road Terminal and Westhills - both are good spots with the chance to fan lots of different routes such as the 6, 13, 22, 93 and the On Demand buses as well.

Centre ST N and 78 Avenue N - opportunities to fan routes like the 2, 3, 4, 5, 20, 32, 46, 86, 114, 300, 301

To answer your second question of "how easy it is to get around the city on Transit" it can be a mixed bag.  Luckily, all the spots I mentioned can easily be accessed via downtown by only taking one bus.  The weekday frequencies are decent, but once you start getting into the weekends it gets very difficult to get around with all the horrible frequencies (even on the mainline routes) plus all the shuttles everywhere.  It technically is also usable, but can be difficult, esspecially since you often have to wait longer for a bus on weekends, given the frequencies.

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