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4 Gillig Low Floor diesel units. Unkown size. Buses are delayed replacements for the 3800 series.

NEW ROUTE STRUCTURE was implemented in June 2020 (numbers, destinations and hours below)

Regional Routes

1N/S Downtown Dover. 6th Street, Exit 9 Park and Ride,  Somersworth shopping centers. Downtown Somersworth. Berwick Mon-Sat 5:40 am to 7:30 pm

6N/S Downtown Farmington, NH11 Walmart. Downtown Rochester Mon-Fri 5:30 am to 6:30 pm

12N/S Downtown Dover, Central Avenue. Somersworth (NH108) Downtown Rochester, Lilac Mall Mon-Sat 5:55 am to 10:00 Pm. 12N becomes 14S from Rochester. 12S becomes 13S from Dover.

13N/S Downtown Dover, Dover Point Road, Downtown Portsmouth Mon-Sat 5:30 am through 9:30 pm. 13N becomes 12N from Dover

14N/S Lilac Mall, Downtown Rochester, Exit 13 Park and Ride. Exit 9 Park and Ride, Downtown Portsmouth (Bus runs express via NH16 between Portsmouth and Rochester, only stopping at the Park and Rides) Mon-Sat 5:10 am to 10:30 pm. 14N becomes 12S from Rochester

Shipyard Route

100 Somersworth, Berwick, Elliot. Portsmoith Navel Ship Yard. Mon-Fri 1 run in each peak (to the shipyard in the morning, from the shipyard in the afternoon. Other exaisting shipyard routes (101, 103 and 41CC are discontinued)

Dover Local Routes

33 Weekday Downtown Dover, Whittier Street, Shaws, 6th Street Strafford County Courthouse Mon-Fri 6:10 am to 7:50 pm

33 Saturday Downtown Dover, Whittier Street Shaws, Portland Avenue, Dover Ice Arena/Outdoor Pool. Sat Only 6:10 am to 7:50 pm.

34 Downtown Dover, Silver Street, Knox Marsh Road. COAST garage. Mon-Sat 5:15 am to 8:05 pm. This run uses cutaways to shuttle drivers between the garage the buses in Downtown Dover. Full size buses are used for some runs at the beginning and end of the day for buses going into or out of service.

Portsmouth Local Routes

40 Downtown Portsmouth Islington Street, Portsmouth Hospital, Portsmouth Transportation Center. Mon-sat 6:00 am to 6:45 pm. This route uses cutaways

41 Downtown Portsmouth, Middle Street. Lafayette Road, Portsmouth Walmart. Hillcrest Estates Mon-Sat 6:00 am to 8:50 pm.

42 Downtown Portsmouth, Portsmouth Transportation Center. Great Bay Community College. Pease Tradeport. Mon-Fri 6:20 am-5:55 pm. This roite uses cutaways. Bus runs express via I95 between Downtown and Portsmouth Transportation Center. Bus becomes Route 44 from Downtown Portsmouth

43 Downtown Portsmouth, Woodbury Avenue, Marshalls Plaza, Fox Run Mall. Newington. (Newington is on request only. Bus will serve the Shattuck Way industrial area rush hours and the Newington Town Hall middays and evenings but not both in one run. Service Mon-Sat 6:30 am to 8:50 pm An additional morning run starts in Downtown Dover at 6:30 am runs nonstop to Fox Run Mall via NH16 then ends. (This is separate from the regular 43)

44 Downtown Portsmouth, Pleasant Street, City Hall Kittery, Portsmouth Navel Ship Yard Mon-Fri 5:55 am to 8:55 pm. (Note: Most service uses cutaways and becomes Route 42 from Downtown Portsmouth. The last 2 runs of the night are only from Kittery (No City Hall loop) and use a full size bus)



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