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According to the On-Demand Transit Guide which was posted earlier in this thread, there are five low-floor buses serving the seniors' residences; this would be the 100s (101-105 likely). The guide also mentions 52 of the high-floor cutaways, with two types (10 or 14 seats), which would be the 200s and 300s. It looks like up to 230 and 318 have been spotted, for a total of 48; so there's still another 4 units to be found between those two series, assuming continuous numbering of course.

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Saw 108 today downtown.  UGLY Pro master with just the On Demand decals and nothing else.  Sorry no plate as I was driving the opposite direction.

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Thank you very much Andrew.  If there are Eight LF's, Thirty Transit Vans and Nineteen Econoline 350's; if we add up the numbers, you will find the magic 57 appears.

Thank you M. PARSONS for the image of 319.  Looks like this is the last Econoline.  Great shot !

Thank you T6H-5307N.  We look forward to you posting an image soon showing us what you saw.

Thank you Benton.  Another License Plate Number fills in the blank for 316.

Twenty-Six (26) more License Plates to find.  We have found Thirty-One (31) so far thanks to everyone's help.

Keep up the good work folks.

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