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STM 25-2XX Retirement Watch/Sightings

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25-220 was on the 129 this afternoon. 

25-239 was on the 427 this afternoon. It has the old En Transit display.

25-201 (it got fixed!) and 25-209 both parked inside Mont Royal today. 25-209 was getting its ad removed and the mirror was folded outwards.


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25-203 was doing the 44 NB at Radisson Metro at 16h47 today.

25-239 as En Transit near Lionel Groulx Metro after 6pm.

25-246 is parked inside Mont Royal.

On a sad news, Mont Royal has bid farewell to 25-209 and recently repaired 25-201. Both are parked outside with their plates removed and 209 no longer has the farebox. 25-205 is parked in between them, likely gone too. 25-201 has a newer rear panel like 25-228 had. 


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25-217 44

25-226 33

25-220 55


25-214 parked near the park, 25-218 near the gas station. 


25-228 has no plate and no farebox 

25-222 parked next to 228 and looks intact

25-221 parked without plate, mirrors and no farebox (Covid sign is on the floor in the back) 

25-229 no plate, no farebox 

25-219 parked besides 229 and 223(219 no plate) and 223 has no plate also.

25-227,215 look intact as well 

25-232 came back from Anjou and is in the back of third gen 31-090

25-231 is in the back parked next to the garage door and still has everything!










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25-217 was on the 44 NB at Radisson Metro at 16h21, got on it. This one doesn't seem to be running too well and something in the back wheel area (from outside) is very creaky when going over bumps. :(

25-203 was on the 141 EB at Galeries D'Anjou mall at 16h39. Got on it too. Sounds better and runs better now!

25-233 was doing the 189 EB from Honore-Beaugrand Metro at 17h35 ish, not tracking. 

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