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STM 25-2XX Retirement Watch/Sightings

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25-219 95. Still has 4 yellow vintage stickers 

25-248 on the 449! Sounded a bit off, door was having hard time opening and was very dirty, rusty in the back. First picture (25-219) Second picture(25-248) 



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25-240 was on the 47 arriving at Laurier this morning at 10:10. It then left En Transit.

25-218 was on the 46. For some reason it was parked for a long time at the stop before Laurier and didn't show up on the 10:16 WB departure.

25-213 and 25-215 not tracking were on the 55.

25-203 was on the 49.

25-234 was on the 31.

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25-213 was on the 121I SD extra yesterday. There will be virtually no extras from other garages starting next week (in fact, I don't even know if they'll keep the 121I's), so this is one of the last times for those rare units on this part of Côte-Vertu. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of crowded 3rd gen crap ahead...

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25-216 on the 55 this afternoon not tracking 

25-213 on the 99. Not sure if it’s ibus broke but it stopped tracking around 10:00 this morning. I saw it in the morning though.

25-235 448 this evening 

25-248 doing the 192 

MR 25-247 on a SD route today (95) 



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25-xxx CT SD update: 

25-221,25-228,25-229,25-224,25-219,25-231,25-214 and retired 25-212 all parked outside. All in good contact. No sign of retirement yet. 

25-227 parked inside and 25-225 doing the 31! Also saw 25-247 on the 141 this evening 

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