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Fake NY MTA and Hound in film

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Marvel Comics and movie fans might be interested to know that some of the filming of the forthcoming Spiderman spin-off movie ‘Moribus’ was filmed in Manchester, England in early 2019 when the Stevenson Square area of the city center was made to resemble New York City.

Different types of American looking vehicles complemented the scene. A transit bus was included which was actually a Mercedes-Benz Citaro which was brought from a Belgian company Staca van Mullen. Therefore, it was appropriately left hand drive so quite fitting for the film’s setting. To disguise the manufacturer the Mercedes-Benz logos were removed from the exterior panels and very authentic looking NY MTA livery and fleetnames applied.

A motorcoach was also on set which is owned by the well known bus and coach dealership Ensign Bus. This MC-9 coach can be rented for films and events and wears the Greyhound style red, white and blue livery. (Five photos of the coach I took at a Rally in 2019 may be seen via this link: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/davidslater-spoddendale/49402708 )

To see photographs of vehicles and scenes taken during the filming just Google search ‘Moribus Manchester’ then select ‘images’. The clearest photographs of the bus are a front offside shot from the ‘Don’t Tell Harry’ Marvel Comics fan blog site and a rear offside shot from the ‘I♥Mcr’ (I love Manchester) website.

Filming of the movie was confirmed to have been completed by June 2019 with a planned premiere in July 2020 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the release in the U.S. is now planned for January 21, 2022.




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