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Manning Park Resort Ski Shuttle (Article Request)

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I realized that it isn't technically a "public" transit service, but it is nonetheless a scheduled, frequent free bus service connecting Manning Park Resort to Gibson Pass Ski Area along Gibson Pass Road. There is one intermediate stop (though it has been known to stop elsewhere) at Strawberry Flats Warming Hut, and I have seen the bus get flagged down elsewhere in my years of using it. I have included a photograph here that is welcome to be used on the Wiki as no other photos of this bus are on the Wiki or, for that matter, the forums.

Line Terminus: Manning Park Resort: 49.06365883608627, -120.78636260794896

Intermediate Request Stop (Undesignated): Similkameen Bridge: 49.06386632965368, -120.79890180541933

Intermediate Request Stop (Designated): Strawberry Flats: 49.06719963561407, -120.88622055656498

Line Terminus: Gibson Pass Day Lodge: 49.06789537403678, -120.91729929250182

Manning Park has had at least four buses over the years: One flat-fronted white school bus with resort markings (no luggage area, retired pre-2008), One yellow school bus (no markings) (not my photograph: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/03/93/24/bc/manning-park-resort.jpg, retired circa 2011/2012 during most recent receivership), and PU1413, which ran for the 2012/2013 ski season without markings and was liveried during the summer of 2013 (no idea if it's still at the resort), and PU1408, introduced at an unknown date but in operation during the 2019/2020 season until shutdown (seen here https://youtu.be/rC5WkZKFfAc?t=37). The service generally operates with an extra unofficial run outside of service hours on each end for operations staff, and the public schedule is once hourly, with first bus to the hill at at 8:30PM and last bus to the lodge at a risky 4:00PM (since last chair is technically 4:00PM.

Manning Park Resort has at least one other large passenger-carrying vehicle, a full-length Ford Econoline introduced in 2012 or 2013, which is not used for scheduled or public services. It is generally used for charter operations or for moving staff around.

I would greatly appreciate the Manning Park Ski Shuttle being added to the Wiki, as it has operated every year prior to the pandemic for at least twenty years. 


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