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Another perspective: the 84 is not reinstating the reduced service for the summer which results in 5-ish artics being freed up at VTC. That's also why you have been seeing them randomly on the 3/8/10/20. 

Previously mentioned in the service thread but looks like this could be one of the implications.

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6 hours ago, Express691 said:

9477 to VTC

16130 to STC, marking the return of XD40 to STC

16130 was on a fast transfer from RTC to STC. It completed it's 403  at 5 Road & Steveston Hwy at 141am this morning, then started it's 501 at 658am this morning at Langley Ctr. Take in Transit time from RTC to STC, then deadhead from STC to Langley Ctr doesn't leave much time for servicing.

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