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Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation Edits

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Regular Routes Needing Updates / Added:

1B - CityBus Center, Wang Hall, N. Salisbury St. & Park Ridge Dr., Cumberland Ave. & Browning St., Walmart (West Lafayette)

4B - CityBus Center, Purdue Memorial Union, Village West, Walmart (West Lafayette) - Monday - Sunday

5 - Soldiers Home Rd. & Prophet Dr., University Crossing, LAUNCH Apts., Purdue Memorial Union, Armstrong Hall

6A - CityBus Center, 4th & Owen Sts., Elston & Old Romney, Twyckenham Blvd. & S. 18th St, Walmart (South Lafayette)

7 - CityBus Center, Ferry & N. 26th Sts., Sunnyside School, N. 36th St. & Coleman Ct., Walmart (Commerce Dr.), Meijer, South & Brinker St

8 - Walmart (West Lafayette), Redpoint Apts., Meijer - Monday - Sunday

9 - CityBus Center, S. 26th & Kossuth Sts., McCarty Ln. & Sagamore Pkwy, IU Health

10 - Shining Armor Ln., Beau Jardin Apts., Lambert Fieldhouse, Krannert

21A - Lark, Alight, Walmart (evening), Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Purdue Memorial Union, Pi Beta Phi

23 - River Walk Apartments, 9th & Cincinnati Sts., Wabash Landing, Purdue Memorial Union, MacArthur Dr. & 1st St., Krannert - Monday - Friday

24 (operates during Purdue fall and spring sem.) - Redpoint Apts, The Orchard, Krannert - Monday - Friday


Campus Routes Needing Updates / Added:

15 - Circle Pines, Physics, Purdue Memorial Union

28 - AvTech, University Hall


School Trippers Needing Updates / Added:

Blue - Benton & Hamilton Sts., Hamilton & Decatur Sts., Decatur & Jennings Sts., Elkhart St. & Clay Ct., Lagrange & Jasper Sts., Jasper St. & Stuben Ct., Sullivan & Jennings Sts., Sullivan & Hamilton Sts., University Crossing, Salisbury & Creighton

Green - Indian Trail Dr. & Black Hawk Ln., Delaware & Indian Trail, Indian Trail & Tecumseh Pk, 123 Pawnee Dr., Pawnee Dr. & Chippewa St., Chippewa St. & Navajo St., Knox Dr. & Chippewa St., Navajo St. & Indian Trail, Navajo St. & Huron Rd., Prophet Dr. (1st curve), Prophet Dr. (2nd curve), 3234 Soldiers Home Rd., 3118 Soldiers Home Rd., 2317 Happy Hollow Rd., Happy Hollow Rd. & Pathway Ln., Happy Hollow Rd. & Laurel Dr., Catherwood Ct.

Pink - Country Villa Apts., Edgerton & Cinnabar, Humboldt & Cinnabar, Humboldt & Marwyck, Marwyck & Edgerton, Onyx (1st curve), Onyx (2nd curve), Roxboro & Edgerton, Peppermill Apts.

Purple - Parkridge & Carberry, Beau Jardin, Essex & Covington, Essex & Wilshire, Essex & Ashland, Henderson & Eden, Eden & Wilshire, Wilshire & Henderson, Kent & Clayton, Kent & Covington, Covington & Barlow, Barlow & Wilshire

Red - Sharon Rd. & Dogwood Ct., Myrtle & Willow Drs., Linda Ln. & Soldiers Home Rd., Linda Ln. & Reba Dr., Linda Ln. & Cumberland Ave., Cumberland Ave. & Sparta St., Cumberland Ave. & Covington St., Lagrange & Covington Sts., Lagrange & Crawford Sts., Crawford & Warrick Sts., Pike & Covington Sts., Browning St. & Cumberland Ave., Cambridge & Montgomery Sts., Montgomery & Manchester Sts., Barlow & Devon Sts., Devon & Cambridge Sts., Cambridge & Eton Sts., Pine Manor Apts.

Yellow (formerly Silver) - 448 Lagrange St., Lagrange & Hamilton Sts., Boone & Hamilton Sts., Boone & Lagrange Sts., 3364 Morgan St., Putnam & Hamilton Sts., Putnam & Lagrange Sts., Crawford St. & Noble Ct., 3338 Crawford St., Dubois & Hamilton Sts., Dubois & Pike Sts., Anthrop Dr. & Yeager Rd., Mayfair Village Apts., Sycamore Ln. & Carmel Dr., Rainbow & Sycamore

White - Wabash Landing Theater, Waterfront Apts at Levee Plaza, Waterfront Apts Fence, Waterfront Apts Laundry Mat, Launch Apartments (River & Robinson), Launch Apartments (Middle Drive, SE Corner), Launch Apartments (River & Dehart SE Corner), River & Dehart (NW Corner)


Roster Updates:

718 - not retired

719 - retired on October 23, 2020.

725 & 726 - in service. All Community transit D60LFs are in service

1501 - retired on September 4, 2020. 1501-1502 hybrids have been retired and are being used as parts buses. Series can move to the retired section.

1506 - retired on October 29, 2020.

1603 - retired on October 29, 2020.

7003 - 7006 (2020 NFI XN40s w/ L9N 280 and B400R) are in service. 7006 needs to be added.

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GLPTC has bought 20519 and 20521 from Yosemite Concessions. Not sure if they're going to put them in service or use them for parts for the other Hybrids. These are the first Hybrid Standard Low Floor Gilligs CityBus has owned. All Hybrids CityBus has had have been BRT. I'm interested to see what they'll do with them. Low mileage according to the auction listing, 180k.


Thanks to Orion6025 for doing the roster edits.


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Posted (edited)

Found some information on GLPTC's ACCESS Fleet from 2018. All listed here should still be in service.

https://www.in.gov/indot/files/Lafayette GLPTC_FTA TAM Plan 2018.pdf

Also, during some digging it appears 3114, 3214, and 3314 may have all been originally numbered as 401, 402, and 403, respectively. I could only find two pictures of one 35' 2014 Hybrid with the number 402, assuming that one became 3214. Both pictures are from CityBus' Facebook. Not sure why they chose to throw the numbering scheme with this series but they did...  18XX >19XX > 4XX, then 18XX > 19XX > 3YXX, then increment by 1000 instead of 100.




Edited by midwestcws
added info about the 2014 Hybrids
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