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Winnipeg Transit MIA

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6 hours ago, SirAndrew710 said:

I don’t recall seeing 933 or 941 at any point over the year and a half or so that I’ve been a full-on bus fan. Same story with 942, which is listed as retired on the wiki but which I also hadn’t seen for some time before.

I confirmed that 942 946 are done. 

933 is indeed being rebuilt. 

941 I'm not 100% about it. 

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18 hours ago, bus is coming 1965 said:

Just remembered 930 and 944 has been missing as well 

930 being MIA is interesting, seeing as it was only rebuilt a few years ago. I did see on the orange D30LF thread that 944 is parked out of service, or at least it was in late August or early September.

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