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Maps for BC Transit/TransLink Services & Service Histories

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I'm not yet an editor but I've submitted my application and here's my idea. I am a mapmaker (I currently make the route maps for Mountain Man Mike's bus and my work has been featured by local news in Northern BC). Basically, I know how to make maps, I can provide a portofolio if necessary. I also have a background in education and historical interpretation. With that in mind, I have noticed something lacking from BC Transit and TransLink route info/history pages: maps. Not just route maps the way TransLink or BC Transit would print them, but maps that effectively visually illustrate a route's current path, paths it used to follow, frequency, and other historical features. My proposal isn't to remove or revise anything currently in the Wiki, but to add a new layer to transit services in BC, starting with a smaller system like Kamloops or Penticton to iron out any problems with the style and develop it fully before moving onto larger networks.

I've had feedback in the Vancouver forum saying that we could just screenshot maps. That's not my goal here (regardless of copyright conundrums) - not to just show a bus route map like a consumer would want to see. I would like to volunteer to put together a style of map that makes it easy for someone to quickly get a sense of every aspect of a route, past and present, that can be implemented across the board in BC's services. If it would be best for me to put together some example before this is accepted, I would be happy to do that. 

The main benefit I see in following this path is as follows: 

  1. No externally linked images that disappear as routes, web hosting, or even transit companies change.
  2. No copyright issues with saving images internally (these would be developed to be CC-BY).
  3. Universality for those unfamiliar with the different styles used in different communities.
  4. Completeness in communities that don't currently provide adequate maps.

This is something I would be happy to tackle alone, but would be thrilled with feedback. As a visually-oriented person, the Wiki is currently text-dense and hard to skim. These maps would offer a simplified, quicker way of absorbing the info about a route.

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