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Ive been going through wiki between badder bus roster and the rosters of the last 2 companies they have purchased(Wills Bus Lines and Cherry Bus Lines)

So from just googling Badder Bus ive found many buses not found on Badders wiki. 

Note- i am assuming the bus year based on badder bus roster numbering

1397- 1997 MCI 102-EL3

1499- 1999 MCI 102-EL3

1401- 2001 Prevost H3-45

1304-2004 MCI J4500

1305-2005 MCI J4500

1306-2006 MCI J4500

1506-2006 MCI J4500

1107- 2007 MCI J4500

1118-2018 MCI J4500

2500- 2000 MCI 102-EL3


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