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Ulmer Park Depot changes

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2 hours ago, Jova42R said:

Gun Hill XD60s are now at Ulmer Park for B1 articulation.

This is incorrect, 4794-4798 are still at gun hill. Hell, all of them are outside of the depot on routes if you want to track them.

2 hours ago, Jova42R said:

FWIW, if anyone wants to touch this page (Or any of the depot pages really), please only do so if you have info on *all* the moves b/c it messes with the "last updated" date if half the page is as of 6/29 and the other half is as of 5/whatever (I forget when i last updated the depot pages)........ I'll get around to updating them in a couple days to a week when all the retirements and moves caused by the service changes  resulting from the spring pick are completed and the chance of the roster being out of date within 1 day of publishing are smaller.

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