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Connecticut Company/CR&L - preserved transit buses

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I have some updates for preserved buses, all located at the Connecticut Antique Fire Apparatus Association  AKA "Connecticut Fire Museum" which is located on the grounds of the Connecticut Trolley Museum in East Windsor, CT.


Operable - able to be driven on the road

Limited - Can move under own power, not road worthy

ConnCo 1712 "Rail Bus" - Operable, Hyrail gear inoperable but intact

ConnCo 2039 - Operable

ConnCo 3001/CR&L - Operable, re-painted as 504

ConnCo 351 - Inoperable

ConnCo 1172 - Limited

ConnCo 1488 - Limited

CT Transit 608 - Limited

I have attached a few pictures as well.  504 is pictured on the lawn of the CTM, 2039 at a nearby gas station, 1712 at the Winkler Rd grade crossing with Fair Haven & Westville Railroad #355, later ConnCo #663, and 1712 and ConnCo 840 at Hancock Siding at the CTM during testing in 1968.





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