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Air Canada A220 Deliveries

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Built at YMX  (Montreal-Mirabel| Montreal, Quebec)                 

Built at BFM (Mobile Downtown Airport| Mobile, Alabama)          

Unknown where it will be built

In service: 8


Built and awaiting delivery: 0

Known registrations: 2


Unknown Registrations with MSN's: 18

MSN 55097, MSN 55098, MSN 55100, MSN 55102, MSN 55103, MSN 55105, MSN 55109, MSN 55111, MSN 55112, MSN 55117, MSN 55118, MSN 55119, MSN 55122, MSN 55123, MSN 55130, MSN 55138, MSN 55141, MSN 55148 

Total with MSN's, In service and known registrations: 28/45

Completely unknown Registrations and MSN's: 17,

Total: 45

Source: https://www.abcdlist.nl/cseries/cseries.html


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