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Does anybody dislike BYD and CRRRC


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I was just wondering that is all,


I think BYDs K9 looks absolutely smashing and the rail vehicles by CRRC looking ever so futuristic. I don’t have a problem with them other than inferior parts on the buses and what I suspect other CRRC rolling stock. Also just the sheer under cutting of competition from New Flyer, Gillig, and of course proterra and rail manufacturers in the US of A and the great north Canada. I only dislike these companies because of my biased political view. These vehicles while manufactured in America could be or maybe in line into political conspiracy of surveillance by another force other than the transit agency, the local police, and or possibly the NSA. To top that, these two companies unfortunately come from a communist dictatorship with an appalling human rights record and emission records off the scale. Because of that one of the companies CRRC, is state owned it leads me to believe that BYD is state owned as well even if they always say that they are not. However one of the fundamental cultures of a country with a “communist” format of government system is censoring and lying to not only its people but to the world. Cause if that I take the statements of “BYD is not state owned” with a bus load of salt. So do I want to see these companies go ? Yes do I hate these companies cause of the political trade war with a fiery passion yes. So that’s why I hate these two companies so much more than gillig taking up practically all of the Bay Area bus market what’s yours?


also to those who have seen my conversations in the past I hope this clears at least one thing up 

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