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TTC Orion VII Retirements Tracking

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On 4/27/2021 at 5:17 PM, The Queensway said:

Hearing sources that 1411 is retired. I'll allow somebody else to fully confirm.

Tracker is disabled and it's at 1810 Markham with 1408.

EDIT: Its currently tracking at MTD according to Transee, please let me know if I had made a mistake.

Your source is correct. 1411 has been retired.

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Albion and Kipling – E/B – 6:02 AM
Fire from electrical compartment at front of bus. Bus shut down and evacuate. No injuries reportedMobile Unit 101 and Toronto Fire Services on sceneFire extinguishedMajor damage to bus.

^^^ the source and cause of death

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45 minutes ago, Genius101 said:

But it will probably be replaced by another 84xx handmedown. 

What do you expect? You can have some of our 31-33xxs from McNicoll or Arrow Road. Queensway's last bus delivery was in 1991 when they had 35 Orion Vs.

And @Genius101, we’ll take some or all of the Orion VIIs in return.

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In all seriousness, I really don't understand the problem with Queensway buses being hand me downs @Genius101. If it works, it works and that's all that it should matter. The passengers don't care, the operators don't care a whole lot  and management certainly doesn't care. Please help me understand why you've made it your life mission to make sure Queensway gets new bus deliveries.

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3 hours ago, Orion V said:

And he seems to have came into this board after the 74/78xx retired. Back then no one complained Eglinton and Birchmount had the oldest models in the fleet nor did anyone cared.

Queensway also had the oldest buses in the system in 2015-16 when the handmedown 7300s from New Eglinton were in their senior years but the D40LFs were awesome so yes sometimes the oldest buses are the best buses.

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