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CPTDB iPhone App

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I think it would be great if CPTDB had an iPhone app, as then new posts would generate push notifications.

If the RSS feeds at the bottom right of each group of topics (ex. "Manitoba") showed the latest post, this would be easy to do. However all it shows are the last of topics, description for each, and time created. Latest post and time last updated would be much more useful.

Other than my janky RSS way, does anyone else have any ideas on how to implement such an app?

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Tbh I don't think the admins want to deal with creating new applications/API for specific phones and operating systems. Not to mention it cost money to submit apps on the Play Store and App Store which would probably be demanding to maintain given not only do they have to make sure their websites are compatible with multiple browsers, now they have to make sure they're compatible with mobile operating systems, every phone model, etc.

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I agree with "Loud-Invero".  As much as it would be nice to have such app, it's now another item that needs to be developed and maintained by the board administrators which takes time.  I believe something like this was brought up in the past and was denied.

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