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OC Transpo Ad Wrapped Buses


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As suggested by @Loud-Invero, this thread is dedicated to advertisement wraps on OC vehicles.

Here is a list of all current fully wrapped units:

4291, 4420 and 4481 are wrapped for EQ Homes

4603 and 4609 are wrapped for Healthy Planet Canada

4610 is wrapped for QuestTrade

4734 is wrapped for Public Mobile

4748 is being wrapped for Koodo

5117 is wrapped for Reliance Holmes

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Wasn't sure if this topic/thread was just for current wrapped OC buses or past OC wrapped buses as well. Anyways, with all this time at home now, I recently had time to clean out my hard drive. While doing so, I found a few pictures I took of wrapped OC buses over the years.

In order posted:

8068 wrapped for Jackson-Triggs Wines/Ottawa 2017 (taken October 26, 2017 at Bayshore Station);

6503 wrapped for Ottawa 2017 (taken May 10, 2017 at Robertson and Moodie);

5085 wrapped for the Ottawa Citizen (taken August 19, 2014 at Hurdman Station);

4451 wrapped for the Ottawa Senators/NHL 2012 All-Star Game (taken March 17, 2012 at Confederation Square);

5073 wrapped for the Ottawa Green Bin Program (taken April 13, 2011 at Bayshore Station);

4463 wrapped for Tourism India (taken September 19, 2009 at Baseline Station). 








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Here's a list of some of the ADS/Wrap buses from the late 1980'/90' Classics & NFI's.


It should bee noted In the "Notes" at the time I made the list that's when the dates or 'still in use' was noted at that time.



OC 10.jpg

OC 11.jpg


Going thru my OC files, I'll be posting some other interesting OC facts in "Vintage/old/Historical thread" in the next few days.

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I must say, I'm wildly impressed... My photos may not be old per say as I only started in 2017, but I'm sure I can contribute meaningfully. :rolleyes:

5101, 8003 and 8064 were wrapped as school buses (Videotron) in 2018 and 2019





5117 was wrapped for Prince Edward Island and Moosehead




5121 was wrapped for CHEZ 106.1



8001 and 6500 was wrapped for "The Universe Needs More of Canada"


20181001_212039.thumb.jpg.1c99064c9933e99b440d5fbd2a2dc204.jpg October 1st, 2018

Also, 5077's wrap was updated on the left side at some point.

4.thumb.jpg.ed134b22c0538671ac3cb8bf25a9c14b.jpg February 23rd, 2018

5.thumb.jpg.876f3fd77a3347624dab7f2bdbfd605a.jpg September 28th, 2019





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7 ORION V's were wrapped in September 2001 https://web.archive.org/web/20010204114500/http://www.x-pointcgi.com/cgi-bin/users/7586/wwwboard/messages/4947.html

Classics in the 90's: https://web.archive.org/web/20020110011553/http://www.x-pointcgi.com/cgi-bin/users/7586/wwwboard/messages/6301.html

Orion V bus (9848) which had a Contra AD for Sympatico High Speed Edition now has a grey and yellow AD for Rogers@Home/Interactive Cable Internet:  https://web.archive.org/web/20020110011212/http://www.x-pointcgi.com/cgi-bin/users/7586/wwwboard/messages/6837.html

9825 was wrapped for bestbuy in April 2004

9845 and 9846 were wrapped for Spirit Communications in September 2002

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