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King County Metro - Routes

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The majority of King County Metro routes, ie all those that are not Sound Transit contracted or RapidRide. Would it be possible to add the regular KC Metro routes into the Wiki? I'm sure this would be a lot of work, but would also provide useful information to all Seattle-area residents.

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I believe it was Aznichiro115 who did the Sound Transit route list for the wiki so maybe he'll see this and give you a reply. 

Personally, I'm not sure how advantageous it would be to have all the routes listed with their destinations on the wiki page as it would take up a tremendous amount of space.  I think for the general public, it would be just as easy to go the the KCM website to view the listing of routes. 

I'm always willing to make minor verifiable changes on the KCM wiki page but constructing a placement grid showing all the routes in the system is too big a job for the time I have to devote to it especially with my limited patience and skill level :P

Additionally, I believe there will be some major changes coming to the eastside routes so it's probably best to wait until that happens should anybody want to tackle such a project. 

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