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Regional and rural transit thread

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More dollars

I did not see any thread pertaining to this.

MTQ has boosted by 33% the minimum amout PADTC (funding program for regional transit) provides. With this doubled, half-a-billion dollar biannual program, annual aid cap per agency is now 375,000$ instead of 100,000 $, which is a major gamechanger, as we might see service improvements in existing agencies, and new services blossom.

MRC de La Matanie

Ridership has grown by 138% in two years for Transport collectif de la MRC de La Matanie, probably due to the improvements in hours of service (from business hours to 7-day, all-day) and addition of taxis for rural areas.

Transport collectif de la Jacques-Cartier

While Matane has good figures, ridership does not meet expectations in Shannon, where there is an average of 4 users per day.

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