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Well, it happened, so I feel it deserves its own thread. BC Transit and ACRD approved plans for the Tofino-Ucluelet Transit System, though to be fair it's not much of a "system." Original plans had it running once an hour or something similar to that, which would have been excellent for drawing tourists onto the bus for hour-long stops at roadside attractions if BC Transit planned on having stops at those locations. Unfortunately, the approved plan includes only three times daily service between Tofino and Ucluelet. I'll be surprised if the service sees great ridership - as always, convenience and frequency play a big part in whether people are willing to use a system. I'm really hoping I've misunderstood the news article and both of the two buses are making three round-trips daily, meaning six round-trips daily, which certainly lends itself to usability by visitors as well as residents. Lots of nimbyism from residents (sometimes literally). I'll be trying to use this system as soon as it sets off.

In true 21st century fashion, a two-bus, one route transit system is going to take until 2021 to start running.


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