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Transit Moments of 2019 + the 2010s

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This thread is to discuss the highs and lows of transit in our areas this past year with the categories listed below. Coupled with that, this is also a thread dedicated to the transit moments of the 2010s. Cheers to the 2020s.

- Photo of 2019 
- Vehicle of 2019
- Event of 2019
- Disliked move of 2019 by a transit agency
- Transit WTF moment of 2019
- Transit agency of 2019
- Photo of the 2010s 
- Vehicle of the 2010s
- Event of the 2010s
- Disliked move of the 2010s by a transit agency
- Transit WTF moment of the 2010s
- Transit agency of the 2010s

To kick things off:

Photo of 2019:

Photo of the 2010s:



Vehicles of 2019: TTC's New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE/XE40 and CLRV
Vehicles of the 2010s: TTC's GM New Look, Orion V (#7000-#7134), Bombardier Flexity, MT/MiWay's New Flyer D40LF/R, and GO Transit MCI D4500

Event of 2019: ALRV Farewell trip (September 2, 2019)
Event of the 2010s: Mount Dennis Garage - Doors Open Toronto (May 29, 2010) and a visit to Birchmount Garage (May 4, 2011)

Disliked move of 2019 by a transit agency: Premature retirements of the 2008-09 Orion VII NG Hybrid buses and the remaining CLRVs. 
Disliked move of the 2010s by a transit agency: Scrapping Transit City by Rob Ford and cancellation of some hours on TTC routes in May 2011.

Transit WTF moment of 2019: TTC's Electric Buses deployed for the first time.
Transit WTF moment of the 2010s: Transfer of TTC's 1996 Orion V (ex-CNG) buses #9442-#9449 to Malvern, cancellation of the 196 YORK UNIVERSITY ROCKET upon the opening of the subway to York University and Vaughan and movement of the #79xx buses to Birchmount.

Transit agency of 2019: Toronto Transit Commission
Transit agency of the 2010s: MiWay (for its rebranding), Toronto Transit Commission

Charter of 2019: none
Charter of the 2010s: none

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OC Transpo:

Vehicles of 2019: NovaBus LFS (I actually don't like them very much due to the ZF transmission in them).

Vehicles of the 2010s: MCI/Nova Classics (those retired six months into 2010 though), S50 1998 Orion V, Orion VIs, and for a current bus, our 2008 ISL D60LFs and our 2012 double deckers (our first ever big batch of DDs).

Disliked move of 2019: The decision to replace unrebuilt Inveros with new LFS buses. We went from 326 to only 214 left in service.

Disliked move of the 2010s: The decision to prematurely get rid of our Orion Vs (gone by 2011) and our remaining 6V92TA buses in general (by June 2010) even though some of them got a full rebuild in 2006!

Transit WTF moment of 2019: I have to admit that it was unexpected for OC Transpo to bring back 40 of our retired Inveros into service again (which is still ongoing at this point), but I'm glad they did it.

Minor WTF moment of the 2010s: OC Transpo had rebuilt a number of their Orion VI buses from 2009-2011. When it came time to buy their 75 double deckers, the Orion rebuild program was cancelled and OC Transpo started retiring their 140 VIs, all of which were gone by April 2013. They should have at least kept the rebuilt ones and retired the unrebuilt ones.

My only photo for 2019:


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Photo of 2019:


Vehicle of 2019: DDOT's 2019 New Flyer XD40s and XD60s.

Events of 2019: The August trip to Chicago/Northwest Indiana, which provided me with a ride into and out of Chicago on the South Shore Line's EMUs, plus some fanning of the CTA's bus and "L" systems and even Amtrak and Metra opportunities as a river tour brought us past Union Station. Later that month, as I already knew SMART had resumed their summer promotion with the Detroit Zoo from 2018, it provided me with another chance to ride SMART's Fast express pre-BRT service (shortly afterward, said promotion became permanent year-round).

Disliked move of 2019 by a transit agency: The proposal by SMART to reroute the 125 Fort Street-Eureka Road away from within walking distance of my house, which fortunately hasn't been made a reality.

Transit WTF moment of 2019: The apparent news that's now coming out about SMART cancelling trips for no reason.

Transit agency of 2019: SMART for finally retiring all of their old and ragtag Gillig Low Floors, and CTA for their huge and complex multimodal transit system covering the city of Chicago.

Photo of the 2010s:


Vehicle of the 2010s: DDOT's Nova RTSes and New Flyer Xcelsiors and SMART's Gillig BRTs and New Flyer D40LFs.

Event of the 2010s: A ride on the Q-Line during it's initial public operation week in May 2017.

Disliked move of the 2010s by a transit agency: Black Monday in 2011 when SMART eliminated one-third of their routes and eliminated non-peak hour service within the city of Detroit.

Transit WTF moment of the 2010s: DDOT's elimination of the 36 Oakland in favor of extending two other routes, one of which would have it's extension be, in turn, replaced by the new 42 Mid-City Loop in 2017; at least two of SMART's Gillig BRT orders being delayed due to Clever Devices manufacturing issues.

Transit agency of the 2010s: DDOT for their successful recovery from their crisis days of the early 2010's, their expanding their fleet and their rebranding.

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  • Photo of 2019:Image may contain: sky and outdoor
  • Vehicle of 2019: STO Nova LFS HEV
  • Event of 2019: BHA Convention
  • Disliked move of 2019 by a transit agency: Delay of the OC Transpo LRT
  • Transit WTF moment of 2019: Bus Crash at Westboro Station
  • Transit agency of 2019: OC Transpo / STO
  • Photo of the 2010s: No photo description available.
  • Vehicle of the 2010s: STO Nova LFS
  • Event of the 2010s: BHA Convention
  • Disliked move of the 2010s by a transit agency: OC Transpo Route changes
  • Transit WTF moment of the 2010s: Two double-decker bus crashes
  • Transit agency of the 2010s: OC Transpo / STO

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Photo of 2019:

TTC CLRV 4057 and Flexity Outlook 4545 pass each other on The Queensway in 501 Queen service on December 21, 2019.

Vehicle of 2019: the TTC CLRV, retired late in the year after 40 years of valiant service

Event of 2019: the charter of TTC GM New look 2252 on June 8, 2019

Disliked move of 2019 by a transit agency: oh man! So many of these happened that I feel like I'd be easier off trying to list things transit agencies did that I did like. But sure, I'll try: how about the TTC scrapping 4041, the AC CLRV, without a second thought? How about the TTC restricting access to the final CLRV run to contest winners, and the subsequent lack of communication that prevented anyone from being able to be on the last publicly accessible run, unless they happened to have their ear to the ground at all times that day?

Or, to change continents, yet another reorganization of tram routes in Bratislava, which lead to the discontinuation of route 5, one which not only provided valuable connections to the community, but which has run along its present path (extensions notwithstanding) for almost 55 years?

Transit WTF moment of 2019: The restoration of the 508 Lake Shore line in Toronto, despite the TTC not having enough streetcars to run it.

Transit agency of 2019: lol
Photo of the 2010s:

Tatra T3G 7843+7844 crosses Kamenné námestie in Bratislava, while entering service as a rush hour route 6 service, on August 19, 2013.

DPB 7843 - 01

Vehicle of the 2010s: Tatra T3G, Tatra T6A5, Hawker-Siddeley CLRV, 1996 Orion V with wheelchair lifts, Hawker-Siddeley H5

Event of the 2010s: the open house at Jurajov dvor division in Bratislava on September 19, 2015

Disliked move of the 2010s by a transit agency: the way Bratislava handled the fate of Škoda TrM trolleybus no. 6617. This bus, barely maintained during its 12 year lifespan, was absolutely wretched by the time it was removed from regular service and laid aside in 2015. Later, it was announced that the vehicle would be retained on property as a historical unit. Five years later, no movement has been made since the bus was sidelined, it has spent the last 5 years rotting under the wide open sky and the previous 12 slowly deteriorating, and rumblings are that it's fit only for scrap now. Gee, I wonder why that might be?

Transit WTF moment of the 2010s: despite a reorganization of tram routes in Bratislava in 2012 which lead to the axing of all double-digit numbered routes, during closures and construction works, certain routes of that numbering persuasion (the 11, 12, and 17) came back briefly at one point or another this decade. Not that I was complaining, mind you. But with the recent reorganization of tram lines, they have plenty of free numbers, seemingly suggesting that all of these routes are dead for good.

Transit agency of the 2010s: despite all the criticism I've dumped on them during this post, the transit operator in Bratislava is still one of the better ones out there.

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ATAF 3440 with it's flipdot sign (picture)

Vehicle of 2019 None

Event of 2019 ALRV last day

Disliked move reducing buses on the 45 Kipling

WTF moment none

Transit agency of 2019 ATAF 

Vehicle of the 2010's Orion VII NG Diesel

Event of 2010's TTC Orion VII OG charter

Disliked move of 2010's TTC buying the Orion VII NG Hybrids

WTF moment of 2010's none

Transit agency of 2010's none

I sadly have no pictures from 2010-2016



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I'm almost a month late (never realized this thread has already been created and was wondering whether myself or @PCC Guy should do it).

Photo of 2019:
Hard to choose one, since I mostly take videos, but I'll go with these 2 (screenshots from 2 of my videos): two 81-71M trains (including one of two white-painted ones) at Radlická (Prague Metro), and a 81-717.2K train arriving at Forgách utca (Budapest Metro).


As a bonus, a photo of H5 #5707.


Vehicle of 2019:
81-717.2K (Budapest Metro), R46 (NYC Subway).

Events of 2019:
Two trips to NYC (in August and October), and a trip to Prague & Budapest in December.

Disliked move by a transit agency of 2019:
Nothing comes to mind, but I know that in 2020 it'll be yet another TTC fare hike.

Transit WTF moments of 2019:
1) The decision, and subsequent cancellation thereof, to make the T1's last over 45 years.
2) The R42 retirement in NYC only to be brought back this year, and unfortunately will most likely be gone before I could have a chance to see them.

Transit agency of 2019:
NYC Subway, Budapest Metro.

Photo of the 2010s:
Don't have any at hand (most likely won't fit anyway since I already included 3 pictures for 2019).

Vehicle of the 2010s:
H5 (Toronto Subway), classic 81-717 (Moscow, Warsaw, Budapest, etc) [still around]

Events of the 2010s:
There were several:
1) To start with the bad news, the Hawker retirements
On to the good news:
2) 2016: the trip to Prague & Warsaw
3) 2017: the trip to Budapest, NYC, and the opening of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension
4) 2019: as mentioned above, the trip to NYC twice, and the trip to Prague & Budapest

Disliked move by a transit agency of the 2010s:
Several TTC fare hikes, making everyone else pay more so other demographics can ride free.

Transit WTF moments of the 2010s:
The TTC/Lagos fiasco, the T1 & R42 fiasco.

Transit agency of the 2010s:
Toronto Subway, NYC Subway, Warsaw Metro, Budapest Metro.

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