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Metro Greater Portland Transit District Updates

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I talked to a bus operator for Portland Metro in Portland Maine he confirmed  that Buses 0530 0531 0532 0536 0537 0539 0541 are the only 2005 Orion VII 35’ CNG Buses left in revenue service at Portland Metro the 7 Will retire in 2020 By 7 2020 New Flyer XD40’s Numbers are  2027-2033


The 2005 Orion VII 35’ CNG Buses that are retired been replaced by 6 2019 New Flyer XD40 Buses 1921-1926 replaced are buses 0533 0534 0535 0538 0540 0542 these are retired which 1921-1926 are in service 


Which it stated on the on order On the Roster 

That there getting more XN40 which they ended up getting Diesels 

I have a photo that I would like to Donate to to the roster with my permission 

heres a photo By me John A Bunker takes on 10/10/19 on Congress street in Portland Maine of 2019 New Flyer XD40 Bus 1926 as it was doing the 9A North Deering 

here’s another by me John A Bunker Taken on on 7/17/18 At The Portland Transportation Center in Portland Maine of Unit 1709 A 2017 ARBOC Sprit of Mobility Doing the Metro Breeze 




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