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University of Colorado Buff Bus


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University of Colorado Buff Bus is the campus shuttle for the University of Colorado Boulder campus.  It has a really mixed bag of buses operating.  While I was unable to pictured the New Flyer D60LF spotted back in March 2018, here attached are all the buses I have pictured during my Boulder visit:

Bus 645VKH is a Gillig Phantom 40ft. of an unknown vintage.


Bus 711FHT is a 2006 Novabus LFS, while 761REL is a 2007 sister bus.  According to the CPTDB Wiki page for the service, they are buses number 11 and 61 respectively.  Finally, bus 527UHD is a Novabus LFS Artic. 

UColo-WV-711FHT-1.thumb.JPG.0653a8200f903d328eb7689ed80658d1.JPG  UColo-WV-761REL.thumb.JPG.44f741a7e006fa3a48824b01e91749cb.JPG  UColo-WV-527UHD.thumb.JPG.7bac01c2b940c26ae8483db0a0b61a61.JPG

Here is my University of Colorado Buff Bus gallery:

University of Colorado Buff Bus

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1 hour ago, Andru said:

Great photos of rarely seen buses, thanks! The "fleet numbers" are made up of digits from the license plates. The Artic would be fleet number 27, but I'm not sure how official these are. I don't think the buses are marked in any way.

Yep, the buses indeed don't carry any fleet numbers!

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36 minutes ago, Orion 1200 said:

I contacted the university after taking some photos there earlier in the year to confirm fleet numbers, and after being passed around a few times the email chain eventually died. Numbers appeared on the tracker that they had at the time but I neglected to write any of them down.

Did you manage to get any pictures of "90" or "91" (the older LFS Artics?).

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Obviously one can't go busfanning in Boulder, CO without stopping at the University for some Buff Bus action!

Newbies, ex-MiWay 0855 was added in 2020 and a 2021 XD60:

51175587963_deddd48ea2_t.jpg 51176152709_e6b46d2f48_t.jpg 51175366421_e0b0166273_t.jpg

Given the LP fleet number thing, these may be 12 and 64 respectively.

...and some other shots:

51174691642_c7600e5b63_t.jpg 51174690947_1d434ececc_t.jpg 51176457030_03fd1c5205_t.jpg 51176153749_1e105b7ba9_t.jpg 51176153984_8f895d4663_t.jpg 51174690417_51c8d322a2_t.jpg

There were 4 routes running when I stopped by. I did see a couple Phantoms but they unfortunately left as I was getting off the bus and heading over. I would've gone for a ride on the D60LF but wasn't sure if the general public was allowed on board with COVID going on.

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