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Community Connector 2019 Gillig 29’ Buses 1985-1989

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The Community connector recently gotten in Brand new 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Buses 1985-1989 information to add to the roster 

these replaced 3 2000 New Flyer D30LF Buses 0027-0029 and 2 Eldorado National Areo elite International units 0725-0726

Bus 1985 Delivered on 10/31/19 the Vin Number is  15GGE2719K3093685 Plate number is  428.178 Entered service on 11/4/19 

Bus 1986 Delivered on 11/12/19 the vin number is 15GGE2710K3093686 plate number is 428.192 Entered service on 11/19/19

Bus 1987 Delivered on 11/12/19 the VIN number to is 15GGE2712K3093687 plate number 428.191 Entered service on 11/26/19

Bus 1988  delivered on 11/22/19 entered service on 11/25/19 the Vin number is 15GGE2714K3093688 the plate Number for Bus 1988 is 428.190 

Bus 1989 Delivered on 1/24/2020 Entered service on 2/8/2020 The plate Number for bus 1989 is 428.193 Vin number is 15GGE2716K3093689


Engine Cummins L9 

Transmission Allison B400R6 

Seating American Seating Insight Prime 

seats 26 passengers 

Destination Sign Twinvision Smart series III Amber 

I have photos of mine  to add to the roster with my permission of buses 1985-1988 


here’s a Photo of 1985 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ taken by me John A Bunker  on 11/23/2019 at Pickering Square Bus depot boarding to do Brewer South Route 

here’s a Photo of 1986 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ taken by me John A Bunker on 11/27/19  at Pickering square bus depot boarding to do The mall hopper route 

here’s a Photo of 1987 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ taken by me John A Bunker on 12/10/19 At Pickering square bus depot  boarding to do Brewer south  

here’s a Photo of 1988 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Taken by me John A Bunker on 1-8-2020 at Wal mart doing the Stillwater route 

here’s a Photo of 1989 a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Taken Me John A Bunker on 2-11-2020  at Broadway shopping center As it’s doing the mall hopper 





















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I just Updated the photos with my watermark on them 

to re upload to the roster 

I provided the plate numbers and vin numbers for buses 1985-1988 

it will be a little bit till I get the vin number and plate number for 1989

I provided the Engine transmission and destination sign and The seating information as well above the thread 

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