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CUTA 2019


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I'm here for another 40 mins or so, but after that, leaving for the day. Definitely a nice selection though. And talked to potential employers as well, so even better! If i could just find the ETS and Winnipeg Transit reps here... 


Just now, TechSpotlight said:

I'm going tomorrow around 1600.  I've got an afternoon of school and volunteering today.

I can try and swing by tomorrow, depends on what I'm doing.

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21 hours ago, TechSpotlight said:

Was just told the Transit show ran until 1500 and it doesn't run any more days.  Damn that's unfortunate!

I wasnt even aware it was here, until i passed VP on my way to SAIT, and saw my very first ever U2-series 8 consist lol, 2101 no less

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