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Byd (build your dreams) ban?

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Not sure why this discussion is in this section of the forum (Western U.S.) as I think there are several threads in the "General Vehicle Discussion" section but maybe because BYD's U.S. headquarters and operations are in California?  Its corporate offices (BYD North America/BYD USA) are in Los Angeles with a manufacturing plant in Lancaster California  ...at the site of the former Rexhall motorhome manufacturing facility.

But no, I personally don't agree.

Here's why I don't:

As mentioned, BYD does have an autonomous U.S. subsidiary and employs over 700 union workers in the U.S. and a substantial number of U.S. managers.

It also uses a huge number of U.S. made parts at its Lancaster operation thus providing jobs for a lot of support workers around the country.

BYD is owned by a huge number of U.S. investors (I thought I once read that it was held by over 60% U.S. and non-Chinese shareholders --but I'll have to check on that)  ...with Warren Buffet, the "God of Stocks"  (Berkshire Hathaway), being  a major shareholder in the company.  Buffet bought into the company in 2008 and has played a major role in its success in China since then.  

BYD may not yet have the quality of its competitors, I personally believe in competition and in time may put out a quality product.  

If BYD were wholly owned by Chinese, had all of its manufacturing in China, and were exporting all their buses to the U.S. from China, it would then be another story.  In that case, yes, I'd probably agree with  you. 

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