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MBTA CRRC #14 Orange Line fleet notes and updates.(1400-1551) and #12 orange line fleet

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Active cars as of 9-19-2019: 1400/1401 - 1410/1411

cars in testing: 1412/1413 


  • 4 unnumbered pilot cars which all arrived on December 20, 2017, one pair is being upgraded at CRRC to production cars, the other pair is on the red line training operators. This pair will also be upgraded to production vehicles.. 
  • trainset notes: 1402-1407 makes up the first new orange line train which entered service Wednesday, August 14. 1400, 1401, 1408-1411 make up the second new orange line train that entered service Thursday, September 19.
  • The first and second new trainsets are not running full-time service yet as the MBTA is closely monitoring it's performance and fine-tuning the software which is improving its performance in service. The trains run on most weekdays from morning rush into the afternoon. 
  • (According to an article, one of the new trains will run on the first half of the day and the other will run the latter part of the day)

Active old orange line cars: 114

out of service cars: 6 officially retired

Total amount of active cars: 126

Total amount of cars (owned by the MBTA): 132

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Active cars as of 2-20-2020: 1400/1401 - 1412/1413

cars arrived this month for testing: 1414/1415 & 1416/1417


  •  the first and second trainset are still not running full-time though now both trainsets run at the same time for both the first half and latter part of the day.
  • with 1412/1413-1416/1417, a third trainset should be ready to start service soon.
  • trainset notes: 1404-1407, & 1410/1411 make up first trainset, 1400-1403, & 1408/1409 make up second trainset. Trainset arrangement was switched during a series of events with the cars being taken out of service for repairs.

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