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Transit in Colorado Ski Towns - Addendum (Rocky Mountain National Park Shuttle)


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For now, I am presenting an early addendum to my sightings in the Colorado ski towns.  During the Friday of my trip, one of the ski resorts in the Aspen-Snowmass area held an outdoors music festival as part of its season-closing ceremony and hired a fleet of buses to serve as parking lot shuttles.  Guess what?  I have ended up spotting buses from the Rocky Mountain National Park Shuttle fleet being operated well outside their normal operating territory (The National Park/NP of the same name west of Loveland, Colorado) and outside their normal operating season.

At my count, at least 10 buses were involved in that shuttle operation: 

  • 2 X Gillig Low Floor 35ft. Hybrid 1427-1428
  • 3 X ElDorado National EZ-Rider II BRT (All white 1840 and buses 1842-1843 carrying the same livery as the Gillig hybrids)
  • 3 X Thomas-Dennis SLF230 4-6
  • 1 X Gillig Phantom 35ft. 1020 (Possibly originating from another western US National Park.  My guess is Bryce Canyon in Utah)
  • 1 X ElDorado EZ-Rider 35ft. 9008 (Don't know if that bus is a Mark I or a Mark II carrying a non-MAX style body)

Attached here are pictures of each of these buses except SLF230 no. 4 and the all-white EZ-Rider II BRT.  All are pictured at the Highway 82/Brush Creek Park and Ride lot except bus 1427, which is pictured at downtown Aspen.


Questions for readers:

  1. Can anyone confirm the origins of buses 1020 and 9008?
  2. Are most of the recognized internal shuttle systems in National Parks located in the western US, other than the systems in Harpers Ferry NP (West Virginia) and the Acadia NP (Maine)?

Here is my Rocky Mountain NP Shuttle gallery:

Rocky Mountain National Park Shuttle 

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