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METRA (Columbus, GA) Orion I VINs

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Does anyone know what the exact VINs would be for the 1988 and 1991 Orion I 01.502 30-foot buses that were operated by METRA of Columbus, GA?

1988 Orion I 01.502:
1135: 2B1119E7_J6001778
1136: 2B1119E7_J6001779
1137: 2B1119E7_J6001780
1138: 2B1119E7_J6001781
1139: 2B1119E7_J6001782
1140: 2B1119E7_J6001783
1141: 2B1119E7_J6001784
1142: 2B1119E7_J6001785
1143: 2B1119E7_J6001786
1144: 2B1119E7_J6001787

1991 Orion I 01.502:
1148: 2B1119E7_M6002862
1149: 2B1119E7_M6002863
1150: 2B1119E7_M6002867
1151: 2B1119E7_M6002868
1152: 2B1119E7_M6002869
1153: 2B1119E7_M6002870
1154: 2B1119E7_M6002871
1155: 2B1119E7_M6002864
1156: 2B1119E7_M6002865
1157: 2B1119E7_M6002866

Thank you,



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