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Hi @Articulated

The T3 Transit (Charlottetown, PEI) fleet needs some updates:

There were 3 more ex-Calgary Transit EZ Riders acquired last year (#'s 72-74)

  • 73 is ex-Calgary Transit 1606
  • 74 is ex-Calgary Transit 1603
  • 72 is currently unknown which ex-Calgary unit

And all the Dupont Low floors are officially retired.

The info can be found here: 



So please update the wiki if you can, Thanks!


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2 hours ago, ROSeaboyer said:

T3 #72 is ex-Calgary 1622; is someone able to update the wiki?

Updated. Thanks to @Seashore_518203 for providing the VINs and fleet numbers for all 3 units in the Charlottetown Transit thread.

Also moved all of the replica trolley coaches to the Retired category, as the remaining 4 units (on standby duty only) were retired by the 3 ElDorados.

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11 hours ago, ROSeaboyer said:

@Articulated couple of minor things:

  • the link for T3 72 pointing to Calgary Transit 1622 is pointing at the 1601-1612 page instead of the 1613-1624 page
  • Should the Calgary Transit entries for 1603, 1606, and 1622 identify that those buses were sold to T3?

Thanks for those catches! Was editing a bit too quick last night. Had originally put the 1613-1624 page link under 74 instead of 72, caught that before publishing but forgot to change 72's link.

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