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Par mesure de sécurité près de 600 autobus immobilisés à travers le Québec

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I find it very interesting that it took a property outside Quebec to first bring the issue to light, mere weeks ago. Less than a month after placing them in service...despite Quebec customers operating these same vehicles for a couple of years.  The stench of politics permeates the air.

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14 hours ago, Oc4526 said:

Admins can lock/delete if not the right place

Found this on Sto.ca (Bottom of the service cancelation notice) 

Possible issues with 2016-19 Nova Hybrids (Mostly in the Provence of Quebec)


Does this issue also affect the artic hybrids from STO in Gatineau and RTC in Quebec City?

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2 hours ago, STO_1601 said:

Does this issue also affect the artic hybrids from STO in Gatineau and RTC in Quebec City?

The News release only states the # of affected units but not if they are 40 or 60. 

Rtc had 90 affected units where as the Sto had 57. 

Basicly according to the CFRA the issues surrounded the Steering System. 

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The problem affects all standard hybrid, hybrid artics and electric buses.

Latest update:

  • STOutaouais: No cancellation at the evening rush hour (57)
  • STLaval:  All buses were inspected overnight (83)
  • STMontréal: The alert is still present on the website but most buses are on the road (285)
  • RTLongueuil: Cancellation of less than 5% of departures in the morning. No news for the evening (66)
  • STTrois-Rivière:  No cancellation (4)
  • STLévis: No cancellation. Buses should be repaired during the day (6)
  • RTCapitale: 8 buses are not compliant and will remain grounded. Expect some cancellations (90)
  • STSaguenay: No cancellation (8)
  • STSherbrooke: No cancellation (11)

More on the problem (in French): https://www.lelezard.com/communique-18680639.html

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5 hours ago, Frozen Yogurt said:

The STM mentioned that these 191 buses represent about 3/4 of the grounded buses, and that the STM calculated to have about 1200 buses ready for service this morning. The Gazette mentioned that the STM needs roughly 1400 buses to complete its daily service.

Now let's do the math... even if all hybrids buses are repaired, which we have roughly 280 of them... we would have about 90 more buses ready than today. However, we are still far short of the 1400 target, at 1290 buses. 

Also, 1200-191 yields 1009 diesel buses available for service. We have about 1500 (and here I've been nice to calculate only 80 22-series in service) of them, which means that about one third of the STM's diesel fleet is on the hoist...

it is not a surprise. I regualarly visit STM garages when riding with driver friends, and the garages are overflowing with broken buses. just at Anjou, they have 7 dedicated rows for broken buses, which hold 4 buses each, not to mention the ones outside, which is about 100. for a garage of the capcity of 300 buses, that is a lot of buses on the hoist.

It has been worse since I stopped working in the garages. Back when I was doing planibuses, we would have on average 5 or 6 runs not go out because of the lack of buses. I;ve heard that in AM rush, there are about 30-40 drivers waiting just in Anjou garage to get a bus.

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