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Community Connector Fleet Roster update

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Community connector’s retired fleet of buses 

0202,0203,0207,0209,0210.      2002 Orion V 30’ retired in 2018/2019 as these are being replaced by Gillig 29’ Low floor buses 

Here the dates of there retirement 


0202 Ex westchester beeline 102 retired on 4/2018


0203 Ex westchester beeline 103 retired on 10/2018


0207 Ex westchester beeline 107 retired on 6/2018


0209 Ex westchester beeline 109 retired on 2/2019 due to front end electrical fire 


0210 Ex westchester beeline 110 retired on 2/2019 The last bus to retire from revenue service on 2/28/19


0725.     2007 Eldorado National Areo Elite International 3200 cutaway  retired in 2018 due to mechanical issues 

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