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TTC GM New Look Fishbowl Preservation


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On 6/10/2022 at 6:24 PM, TTC T6H-5307N 2252 said:

I remember hearing that 2444 could be restored in the near future (in addition to 2252 and 8058) if there’s time 

2345 and 2444 are stripped for parts only.

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To recap, the original proposal sent to the commission was for two units to be preserved and restored, it wasn’t formally mentioned which but likely 2252 & 2444. A third bus wasn’t mentioned, but evidently 2345 was not disposed and retained as a parts unit for the process.

This was all before the TTC got the 8058 back from the HCRY, and there was a lot of humming and hawing about its own future due to the 8058’s deteriorated condition while stored outdoors for years (for a time, ideas about using 8058’s older interior components in another bus floated around).

At present, it looks like only 2252 (done) and 8058 (underway) will be the two restored, but who knows if things change again or someone decides to do another. Presuming 8058 will be done in its as-delivered livery, a third done in the CLRV livery would be nice…but just how much extra use or need they’ll have for 3 restored old GMs is another question.

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