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TTC GM New Look Fishbowl Preservation

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That's it for me. Today was my last day, I am now a pensioner. I'll try to get down and visit as often as I can to keep the 8058 updates coming.

Side note. 8058 has been moved. It was pulled out and parked across the rear of the buses it was beside. Even further from the door to the shop now(sad, crying) A 40 foot sea container is now sitting

Gonna be taking 2252 to Queensway this morning. It’ll be held there in preparation for Monday’s Raptor victory parade.

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I stopped by at Hillcrest for the first time this year and notice parts bus 2345 is no where to be seen.  It must have been moved somewhere else or inside Harvey Shop being stripped for 8058.  Notice hybrid buses took over the spot where 2345 use to be which is west side of Harvey facing east.

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17 hours ago, FlyerD901 said:

So I saw for myself buses at each garage, Micnicoll is now an Active bus garage, with 2252 being the first and currently only bus listed at Micnicoll. 

Clearly McNicoll is looking to take the "OMG old hand me down buses argh argh argh" title from Queensway. With 2252, they have a pretty good chance for that.

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I stopped by at Hillcrest this morning and here are the sightings:

2444 has been moved somewhere in the complex.  Most likely inside Harvey Shop I presume?  It's an empty spot where 2444 use to be.

2345 is now parked west side of Harvey Shop, facing east.  I can tell it was 2345 because of the missing engine and rear window.

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