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Last photo of 2018/first photo of 2019

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Non Transit:

December 29 2018 in Vancouver:


January 1st 2019 at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna:



November 13 2018 in Kyoto, Japan


January 13 2019 in Downtown Vancouver: (This also happens to be the first picture I posted to my transit Instagram account: Translinkbus)


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A 2019 Ford EcoSport SE is displayed at the Scotiabank Centre.  This photo was taken on 2018-12-26.

First one of 2019:


St. Timothy's Church in Agincourt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  It's near the Agincourt GO Station.


Transit (last one of 2018):


TTC 8426 on 902 MARKHAM RD. EXPRESS To Sheppard via Centennial College (Progress Campus).  That's one of the 2015-2016 Novas that migrated from Arrow Rd. (some from Queensway) in 2018 to replace the 2002-2005 Orion 07.501 Dirty Diesels that got retired almost 3 weeks before I took that photo.

Transit (first one of 2019):



GO 608 Pushing 12 Bi-Levels on Lakeshore corridor to Aldershot.  This photo was taken on 2019-01-01.

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My last (transit) photo of 2018 is the inside of a Cobus 3000 at Calgary International Airport (December 25, 2018)


My first (transit) photo of 2019 is Medicine Hat Transit XN40 No. 754 with its new ad wrap (January 13, 2019)


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