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CMBC S390 - TikiBus in Tofino

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Received via email:



Chris McLellan ( tikibus@tikibus.ca ) said:
Update on S390. it isn't at the lot for sale.... We bought it last May and it has been operating since last July Inn Tofino.

Coast Mountain Bus Company S382-S393
Coast Mountain Bus Company S382-393 are 12 ElDorado National Aerotech bodied buses built on a Chevrolet G4500 chassis in 2012.

Engine    Transmission    Seating    Destination Sign
GM Vortec V8 6.0L gasoline    GM 6L90-E with Telma retarder    20    Luminator Horizon

S390 is now working in tofino as TikiBus (a Community Transit Service) In Tofino. Www.tikibus.ca contact me if you want more info.



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