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PACE Chicago additiond

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Add to roster:

6700-6712, 6714-6785 2017 EDN Axxess 40

6972-6979 2017 MCI D4000CT

8624-8630 2017 EDN Axxess Trolley

17500-17512,17514-17591 2017 EDN Axxess 40 CNG

18500-18510 2018 EDN Axxess 40 CNG

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Paratransit changes:

5130-5275 group retired except 5240 still active for some reason

Additions - all Ford/El Dorado:

16001-16050 2016

17001-17120 2017

18001-18012,18014-18029 2018

Add an additional group of vehicles known as "community vans" - smaller vans used by towns and organizations for local shuttles:

All are Champion bodies on Chevy Crusader chassis:

7021-7048 2007

7049-7073 2009

7074-7081 2012

(above all retired?)

14400-14419 2014

16000-16034 2016

Also, Woodfield trolleys 1-7 are actually 1941-1947 though only 1-7 are on exterior. These are gone, replaced by 8624-8630

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