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2019 Garage Transfers


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33 minutes ago, owo transit fan said:

spotted it at Joyce earlier. I'm not sure why it would be at HTC, though, as the R4 doesn't use standard livery buses?

Well we can expect to see some RapidBus artics on the 44 next month so anything is possible.

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2 hours ago, popillil said:

9675, 9680, 9682, 9686, 9688, 9689, 9694 to RTC

9503, 9507, 9510, 9512, 9528, 9534, 9539 to VTC

15014, 15015, 15018, 15019, 15021, 16202 to BTC

Artic 480s will soon be a thing of the past

Meanwhile, the chances of seeing an L-drive on the 301 or 555 have doubled.

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