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Visual editor for the wiki

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Hello everyone!

As a contributor to this board, I would like to put my knowledge in the wiki. I have permission to edit pages. Unfortunately, the biggest problem is the lack of visual editor. I have to write the page in markup language. This can be a big problem with tables, it is quite difficult!

Would it be possible to have the MediaWiki Visual Editor extension? This extension allows editing on a visual editor with plenty of future. Present on Wikipedia, it really help getting the job done. And it's free!

What do you think?

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19 hours ago, webfil said:

The visual editor is pretty fly... for a wifi!

Jokes aside, if you are in such a hurry, it is possible to use Wikipedia's sandbox to create a table in the visual editor, and copy the then-generated code onto CPTDB's code editor..

Thanks for your report, the title is now fixed.

It's not really a matter of being in a hurry. On the contrary, all my contributions are primarily based on quality. For example, I have been working on the exo Laurentides page for months now. The goal is to make a page where all vehicles are listed (individually, not in group). I'm almost done, but it took me a long time. When you have such a big table, the visual editor can come handy for searching pages to be linked and images.

I think that with the addition of the visual editor, it would be possible to increase the number of contributions without compromising the quality. Remember: no one will be forced to use the visual editor. It will always be possible to choose.

Also, yes you can use the Wikipedia's sandbox but you will not be able to search for pages and use images.

On another note, who is the administrator responsible for maintaining the wiki? CPTDB wiki use MediaWiki version 1.28.0 wich was released more than 2 years ago. Is there any plan to update it?

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