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Spadina Subway Extension

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I had my first experience of that extension Sunday. Rode form Queen's Park to VMC, my final destination MacMillan Yard Highway 7 bridge. The station is very deep, the first escalators I hit were running down, and the walkway to the VIVA Rapidway was hard to find, so I reached it on the surface. I had a 2-stop ride on VIVA Orange from VMC to Keele, though Creditstone would have been closer to my usual perch on the bridge. After about 3 hours I rode a now-YRT 107 to Rutherford, there to catch some action on the hump pullback tracks. Finally another 107 south to York U station. That too is deep, and doesn't appear to have barrier-free transfers for TTC buses. If it does, I didn't see them.

YRT's takeover of the 4 TTC routes in Vaughan was a long time coming. Now I can use my Presto card for the YRT fare, no more need for exact change for TTC like in the old days! That day I used my Presto e-purse for TTC fares instead of buying a day pass.

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