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Community Connector Fleet update

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Community connector fleet update 

Another 2002 Orion V Bus 0203 as it retired in October of 2018 

2009 Goshen GC II 5500 Bus 0924 retired in October  of 2018 due to mechanical problems  


2018 Gillig 29’ Buses 1858 and 1859 are in service 

1858 delivered on 11/16/18 license plate number To bus 1858 is Maine plate 427.559  

1858 entered Service on 12/10/18

1859  delivered on 11/19/18

1859 entered service on 12/10/18

The plate # to Bus 1859 is Maine plate 427.560 

15GGE2712J3093459 the Vin Number to Bus 1859

These replaced 2 Ex westchester beeline 2002 Orion V 30’ buses 0202-0207

the seating the buses have is American Seating InSight Prime

the bus seats 26 passenger 

Destination sign TwinvisionSmart SeriesIII Amber 


we also got 3 More 29’ Gillig Low floor Buses Comming in 2019

1 Comming in April 

2 Comming in  July 

the Fleet Numbers to the Gilligs will be 1960-1962

these will replace 3 Ex westchester beeline 2002 Orion V 30’ buses 


My photos can be uploaded to the wiki you have my permission to upload 

of bus 1858 a 2018 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Taken on 12/17/18 laying over At Pickering square bus depot doing the Brewer North Route 

of bus 1859 a 2018 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Taken on 12/12/18 laying over At the Airport Mall Shopping Center Doing the  Mall  hopper route 


I would also like to point out 

on the route section of the wiki roster that the mall hopper doesn’t service the Bangor depot it services the Bangor Mall 

And also the community Connector new address is 475 Maine Avenue in Bangor Maine 











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On 12/28/2018 at 3:29 PM, transit addict 327 said:


I would like to report from Bangor Maine that all our 2002 Orion V 30’ Buses have retired 

Here the dates of there retirement 

0202 Ex westchester beeline 102 retired on 4/2018

0203 Ex westchester beeline 103 retired on 10/2018

0207 Ex westchester beeline 107 retired on 6/2018

0209 Ex westchester beeline 109 retired on 2/2019 due to front end fire 

0210 Ex westchester beeline 110 retired on 2/2019 last bus to retire 

0725 retired in on 10/2018

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