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Does anyone know what the difference on the paint scheme the had on all white coaches they d a Gray line running alonr the bus compared to the red ones running along the side of the bus?

Red Line VS Gray Line?


Does anyone know why the differences? I've sen them on coaches from the same year so I don't think it has anything o do with the year of the coach?







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I was going to say that the red stripe marked Airport Express buses, but wikipedia says that the red line could also show buses used for sightseeing or Hostess Premium Express service.

So, if wikipedia is right, I get at least part credit. B)

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Thanks that helps a lot.


The reason I asked is I want to get a:

Twin Coach(old colours)

PD4104(old & New colours)


GMC 4905(new colours)

TDM 4515(old & new colours)

MC 5(new colours)

MC7/8/9(new colours)

GM New look(without top windows,new colours)


I all ready have a MC 7(old colurs) & as GM New Look with top windows(new colours) that I bought off E Bay.


It's going to cost me $$$$! to get them custom made but worth it.




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