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Chatham Area Transit Roster Updates


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I haven't been on here in awhile but here are a few updates going on with CAT:

Retired Vehicles

*0406 has been returned to Coach Crafters.


*All 3000s have been retired except 3005, 3007, and 3027. Those 3 units along with ALL 0600s have been rehabbed by Coach Crafters USA.


*1002T-1006T, 1110T-1115T, 1118T, 1122T-1123T (Paratransit Fleet) have been retired.


New Bus Orders


*Gillig 35' Advantages #1830-1849 (1846-1847 are 29' Gillig Trolley replicas branded for the DOT Express Shuttle) have been delivered and in active service.


*Funds were reprogrammed to order 6 All-Electric Gilligs (three 35' & three 40') as opposed to the 8 that were supposed to be piggybacked off of Charlotte Area Transit System's order.


*Paratransit: 28 new paratransit cutaways numbered 1801-1828. Built on a GMC 4500 chassis with a 6.0L Gas Engine and the bodies are Glaval Titan II bodies.




*The 8 Liberty Shuttle has been merged with the DOT Express shuttle only making the 5D.

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*I also forgot to mention 0601-0605 & 0606-0610 have the Twin Vision Amber LED destination signs.

*1830-1845 , 1846-1847, 1848-1849 have the Allison B400R transmission along with the Twin Vision Silver Smart Series. They also have American Seating 6468.


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