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I saw 3732 on Eglinton West at the 427 interchange back on Tuesday morning which is the first time I've seen one of these in person.  Since I haven't ridden on one yet, that means the last time I set foot on a TTC electric bus would've been sometime back in late 92 or early 93.  So it's been a while.

On 10/7/2020 at 6:58 PM, Bus_Medic said:

The only poles left that I’ve seen lately are on Weston road southbound, immediately north of the 401 bridge.

Yeah, the TTC awarded a contract to Black and MacDonald several years ago to remove a lot of the abandoned line poles because they were starting to deteriorate badly and the TTC was worried that they'd eventually become a safety hazard.  A lot of them disappeared after that but they've hung around in some places where they're carrying other stuff and in a couple of places that got missed.  There's a bunch in various places around the junction still that have streetlights on them or 600 V feed cable going between the Bloor-Danforth subway and the St. Clair streetcar.  I'm planning a trip to the old neighbourhood sometime this upcoming week to do a bunch of errands and visit a couple of friends who still live there so I'm going to do a little driving around to see what's left around there for trolley bus infrastructure and see if Black and MacDonald

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The BYDs are making their debut for weekend service. #3752 and #3759 are on the 70 O'Connor (70_4_40) and the 43 Kennedy (43_13_130) respectively.

#3755 is now out on the 57 Midland (57_5_52).

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