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6 hours ago, TTCNLFBT said:

3700, 3729 and 3758 were at Kennedy Stn this morning.


IMG_0658 a.JPGIMG_0660 a.JPGIMG_0661 a.JPG

IMG_0664 a.JPG

These are real time, head to head “stress tests” to verify range, acceleration rates, braking etc over the next month or so. They’ll be shadowing various routes in convoy with equal loading of water jugs to simulate passenger loads.

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3700 is here https://twitter.com/TTCStuart/status/1117878364063162368 https://twitter.com/TTCStuart/status/1117878364063162368  

The green New flyer bus is still at arrow road garage its parked inside right now. I have been informed that the ttc will use this bus to test out the charging machines and infrastructure built for th

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1 hour ago, bus_7246 said:

3732 is at Eglinton for the media event (a buddy of mine has grown a strong new love for the visitor haha)

39 minutes ago, TTC Guy said:

Probably meant 3733

I stand corrected. Snapchat posts are too short hahaha

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8 hours ago, leylandvictory2 said:

are you sure about that?  I haven't heard anything.

Yes I am 100% sure. I was at Victoria Park Station yesterday morning around 9am. 3752 was training about 5 operators onboard yesterday. When 3752 came back to Victoria Park Station they switched operators so the next one got to get trained to drive the BYD. 

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